Physical and Remote Audit Policy

Given the experiences related to completing audits during the COVID pandemic, IAPMO UES as well as other Quality Assurance Inspection Agencies now provide a mix of physical (on-site/in person) and remote audits based on the frequency of required audits and the video conferencing capabilities of the location being inspected.

A remote audit may include, but not be limited to, video conferencing (via Microsoft Teams, Face Time, WeChat, Line, Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, etc.) and will be based on technology capabilities at each facility.

IAPMO UES and QCC now accommodate audits based not only on facility capabilities but also audit frequency and facility requests.  In most instances all qualifying audits will be in person, while most Surveillance (recurring) Audits schedules will alternate between physical and remote audits.  If video capabilities are not reliable feed or connection, or if a facility requests physical audits, such audits can be completed in person when possible.  (Travel expenses may be affected when physical audits are required.) Audits will be scheduled based upon the requirements of the specific program under which the product is being audited.

We have included third party inspection agency's insights to ensure remote audits are properly performed.  Both physical and remote audits will be scheduled based on requirements detailed in procedures available upon request and will occur per the frequencies previously required for physical audits alone.

While information related to audit policies may vary, we also understand each Third-Party Inspection Agency under the ISO 17020 (Accreditation for Inspection Agencies) will be subject to their own audit and therefore are responsible to ensure adequate information is gathered. Information that is normally visually confirmed during a physical visit may require additional documentation to be provided.

While IAPMO-UES understands that each inspection agency will have their own requirements for individual remote audits, please don’t hesitate to contact UES personnel with any concerns or questions.

 If you have any questions, or simply would like to discuss this situation in more detail feel free to contact us at 909-472-4100 or