ENERGY STAR Certification

IAPMO UES has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to certify insulations under the ENERGY STAR® Seal and Insulate Program.

What does this mean for you, a manufacturer of spray foam?

IAPMO UES has partnered with ENERGY STAR to provide a quick and simple path to demonstrate how your product is ENERGY STAR certified. Once your product has demonstrated that it meets the intent of the building code through evaluation and publication of an IAPMO UES Evaluation Report (ER), an additional certification is added to you ER report through the use of a supplement. This provides an all inclusive document that can be presented to anyone in your market place. 

What sets products with ENERGY STAR certifications above already certified code compliant insultation?

ENERGY STAR recognizes that installation is key to the performance and safety of the product. Specific installation instructions are required with every ENERGY STAR certification that clarify in detail how to install insulations in order to achieve the full benefit of the material provided.

SIGN ME UP, QUICKLY!  Complete and submit an application to IAPMO UES or contact us for assistance. Additionally provide the items in the checklist found in the link to the right to IAPMO UES, and we will do the rest to get started on your IAPMO UES Evaluation Report and ENERGY STAR supplement!

Please contact Barry Johnson at (909) 223-4422 or, or for more information.