“We are glad to have IAPMO in the Evaluation Services business, they provide a quick turn-around for reports and for any questions we might have in the field. By having more products competently evaluated, the Building Department’s job of enforcement is consistent.”
Hadi Tabatababee, M.S., P.E., C.B.O., CGBP, CASp
Orange County (CA) Building Official

Evaluation Reports generated by Uniform ES represent the highest degree of integrity in showing compliance with the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC).

Don’t just take our word for it, though — listen to what our customers have said about Uniform Evaluation Services:

"Wasn't Supposed To Be Like This:
When we think of Code and Code reports, it’s not supposed to be fun or enjoyable to deal with.
When we hear words like ‘Evaluation Services’ and ‘Uniform Services’ that sounds quite regimented and restrictive; it’s not supposed the be made easy and personable.
When we deal with Engineers and ‘think-y’ people, it’s not supposed to be engaging and fun conversation.
When we deal with a ‘bureaucracy’ it’s not supposed to consist of personalized service and quick responses.
When dealing with an establishment service we are expected to PAY and WAIT; it’s not supposed to be affordable and fast.
When we get a random text or email from an evaluation service we are supposed to cringe; it’s not supposed to be a courtesy check-in or just saying hello.
When dealing with that other establishment, we continually get passed off and reassigned to another person; we’re not supposed to have a ‘concierge’ service.
Thank you for assembling a Best in Class Team to make these processes much more enjoyable.
It wasn’t supposed to be like this…"

IAPMO UES plays an important role facilitating product evaluation processes and provides a service by issuing an informed third-party opinion that a new or alternative structural product meets the intent of the codes, which is essential to the building industry and the public’s wellbeing.
Robert Leichti
Senior Engineering Manager - Fastening Systems
Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc.

“Several years ago, our company switched to IAPMO to handle our Product Evaluation Service. We have been delighted with our decision. The IAPMO people are dedicated professionals who promptly respond to our priorities and to our needs.  They deliver Engineering Excellence, while adhering to a realistic budget. We look forward to an enduring and satisfying relationship.”
Richard Dettbarn
Pinkwood Ltd.

"This was my first experience with product recognition agencies, and some of the comments from industry peers had us a bit concerned. The folks at Uniform Evaluation Services did everything they could to help, and made this a virtually painless process. Any time I had a question, I received a simple, straight answer right up to the time the report was published. We are very proud of our report, and based on the service UES delivered, we will continue to use UES for all our product recognition reports.”
Quality Edge

“Our Uniform ES report has been out there for a couple of years and doing just the job we hoped it would.

IAPMO provided an alternative to us at the time we needed it. We were glad IAPMO came along when they did and we’re glad they were open to the idea of tackling our product type. We think the process was about as smooth as it could be. It did turn out as we had hoped and it’s had the intended effect.”
Roger LeBrun
Sr. Product Certification Engineer
VELUX America Inc.

"On behalf of ERICO we are very pleased with this report. It has been a pleasure to work with Uniform ES and VCA code group. We appreciate all your help through this process. We look forward to continue building our relationship with Uniform ES and your affiliates."
Michael Ugalde
RSM North America
Manufacturer of the ERICO Terminator

“We encountered initial confusion about the evaluation process applicable to our innovative fastener for compliance with the IBC and IRC. … Uniform Evaluation Services creatively addressed these challenges and avoided getting bogged down by unnecessary bureaucracy.

“Our Uniform ES contact, Jon Vann, was accessible and sensitive to our concerns, allowing us to move forward in a time appropriate manner. Your professionals completed the plant inspection of our ISO certified manufacturer with minimal interruptions and your pricing was fair, with no add-on surprises.”
W.C. Litzinger
Universal Fastener Outsourcing, LLC
Manufacturer of the UFO Ballistic NailScrew®

“The real value of an Uniform ES evaluation report is in the fact that we have been able to sell our products in a continuously growing list of municipalities while the competition is jumping through the hoops. We are the only holder of an evaluation report based on the current code. Our competition is waiting and we are selling.”
Mike Huizinga
Vice President, Engineering and Production for MetalsUSA
Manufacturer of patio enclosures