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No one knows better than you that today’s tough market requires more than talent for success.

Successful companies use every available advantage to increase product sales. Uniform ES serves as a conduit for review of your substantiating data and translation of that highly technical and complicated data into the information needed by users.

When your sales staff makes pitches, would prospective clients find a third-party document validating all relevant product characteristics valuable? Especially if the third party is a group known and trusted by the building industry? If the document also concluded with a recommendation of product acceptance by the code official? More specifically, would that help sales? Would it be easier to sell with or against this advantage?

Why wait until your competitor has the upper hand? It’s yours for the taking!

Why Get a Listing?
Certain products used in construction are required by codes or specifications to meet standards or exhibit test results. Conformance to these requirements often involves data generated by the manufacturer and laboratories. Users of the products often rely on listings to summarize the pertinent information and gain assurance that the information has been independently verified.

Reliable, Assurance
Uniform Evaluation Services (ES) provides assurance for end users and building regulators that product complies with the standard specification or the test results are valid.

We ask the tough questions, and when we get satisfactory answers we provide an IAPMO Uniform ES Evaluation Listing that tells the manufacturer, and the reader, that someone with the right expertise asked the right questions and got the right answers.

For more than 80 years, IAPMO and its subsidiaries have been involved in product recognition in the form of listings or evaluation reports. We work hard to bring the same drive, determination and great customer service into the building arena that made IAPMO’s listing program such a great success.

Time Is Money
It’s an old adage, but it certainly applies. How long would it take your sales staff to travel to all your customers in North America and convince them your products either meet the standard they are obligated to follow in making a selection? Impossible, right? A Uniform ES Listing does it for you.

Furthermore, a Uniform ES Listing provides quick, easy-to-find answers to questions that might be raised so your staff doesn’t have to field call after call and sending volumes of information not knowing this satisfies the inquiry. Instead they can be doing the really important work: selling your products.

How Does It Work?
Building owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and code officials trust IAPMO and its Uniform Evaluation Services. Each listing provides information they expect, including:
• CSI Sections – Displays information helpful to the specifier
• Manufacturer’s Information – Name, address,
e-mail, phone
• Scope of Evaluation – Defines the testing standard, properties evaluated
• Findings – Product description, attributes, and installation
• Identification – Prevent clones from using your listing

Easy as 1-2-3
Just a few administrative steps will get the professional staff of UES started developing your listing draft:
• Fill out the application
• Send in your substantiating data (manufacturer’s descriptive literature, test reports and engineer’s sealed calculations, installation instructions, quality manuals and any other relevant information)
• Send payment
• UES staff will take it from there

Rest assured Uniform ES will keep your data safe and secure.

Once the listing is completed, your benefits include continuing customer service. Our staff is available to answer your questions, and questions from consumers about your listing.

To satisfy your customers’ expectation of continuous compliance, Uniform ES maintains continuous inspections at the manufacturing locations, providing assurance that the listing certification is valid for the long term.

Uniform ES Gives You All This
Report holders can rely on IAPMO to provide support for your product to code officials, including:
• Access by telephone and in writing to UES engineers to get your questions answered
• Listing posted on our new website
• Timely completion of your listing
• Economical cost providing great value
• ISO/IEC 17065 recognition from ANSI
• Conformance with Section 202 of the 2015 IBC

Speed to Market
Provided that the data is well organized, our staff has issued listings in as little as 40 days. Most are issued within three months. Everything depends on how quickly you can respond to our questions and requests for additional information. Our department goal is to respond to submittals in less than two weeks.

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