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Design-Build Benefits 

Design-Builders make their living on good choices. Their reputation depends on it. The architects and engineers must make great material selections; contractors must select alternatives that will be accepted by local code departments. How can a design/build team know the products have been independently evaluated to code requirements? They can look for the Uniform Evaluation Service (UES) mark and check the listing page on our Website. There they can download a concise document that includes all pertinent information relevant to code acceptance. Yes, UES is a tool for the code officials, as well as design professionals and builders. UES reports provide concise information to these professionals on product specifics as they relate to code approval. This report and the information it contains is independently verified by a trusted third party

IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Service provides confidence within the design/build team that the products selected satisfy code requirements.

We are a busy design/build team. Why should we trouble ourselves with selecting recognized products anyway?

Good question. Let us answer it in several ways: 

How difficult is it to check a listing?
We try to make it easy to check our listings with a state of the art Webpage.  The search engine will easily check to see which products are recognized in a category.

What is the upside of taking this time?
You win and minimize potential problems. It reminds us of the Dilbert cartoon where the boss asked Dilbert to list all “unforeseen potential problems.” Of course, if they could be listed then they would not be unforeseen. No one can foretell the future. An evaluation report is not a guarantee. Wouldn’t you rather go into any potential disagreement with the code official armed with a trusted code report than without one?

Selection of UES-recognized products provides concise verified information on product specifics as they relate to code approval. This report and the information it contains is independently verified by a trusted third party, IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Service, and provides confidence to the design/build team that the products selected satisfy code requirements.

I just don’t have any more time. What exactly am I risking?
Suppose the product you specify is not recognized in an evaluation report. The code official could ask for the information to be given to him for review. Sometimes a dedicated engineer might need a week, or more, to review a complicated product. An evaluation report is not a guarantee — only the code official can rule on code compliance — but you can minimize potential problems. How much would a stop work order cost your company during the review time? Can you afford a loss of profit? Even if you have an issue, it is usually quickly resolved, without weeks of delay for the jurisdiction to perform the review. 

Are UES reports recognized by engineering associations?
Title: An Evaluation of Current Practices Related to the Development and Implementation of Acceptance Criteria and Product Evaluation Reports
Mark A. Moore, Chair
SEAOC Evaluation Reports Committee

Page 1: “…. Furthermore, while ICC-ES and IAPMO ES are the prominent ER Providers, there are several other organizations that provide reports.

Are you as qualified as the Other Guys?
• Here is a quick tabulation of current qualifications

Uniform ES

Other Guys

ISO/IEC 17065 Compliant by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ISO/IEC 17065 Compliant by American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
2015 IBC Sections 104.11 and 1703 Compliant 2015 IBC Sections 104.11 and 1703 Compliant
Utilize Outside Experts - PEs Large Internal Staff - PEs
Internal PE and External PE Reviews Multiple Internal Reviews

Hence, Equivalent

Just how does UES satisfy 2015 IBC Section 1703. The following is a summary of the code requirements and how IAPMO’s Uniform ES satisfies them: 

1703.1.1 Independence - Requires: 
• objective, competent and independent
• disclose possible conflicts of interest

IAPMO qualifies because it is objective, competent and independent. Further, conflicts of interests are disclosed

1703.1.2 Equipment:
• Equipment Adequate and Calibrated
IAPMO qualifies because it actually has an in-house ISO 17025 certified test lab. To be used as substantiating data, third party labs must also be ISO 17025 certified.

How does selection of a product which has ES recognition help me as the Design Professional?
The Uniform Evaluation Report helps the code official know the product has undergone the highest levels of third party scrutiny available. It also documents that the product undergoes IAPMO’s continuous compliance inspection program. All the relevant code compliance information is summarized in the report to assist you in selection and the code official in verifying code acceptability. Although an evaluation report is not a guarantee, those products without such a report risk having to supply pertinent information to each code official. How much does down time cost during construction? Is it worth risking a stop work order for you to select a non-recognized product?  It’s your reputation on the line with every decision.